Topic outline

  • Introduction

    The course book:

    The Business 2.0 Intermediate B1+ by John Allison and Paul Emmerson (Macmillan Publishing)

    Unit 3  - Products and Packaging

    Unit 4  - Careers
  • 3.1 About Business Packaging

  • 3.2 Specifications and features

  • 3.3 GRAMMAR - relative pronouns, articles and noun combinations

    • You can try to fill in the exercise on relative pronouns. We will discuss it in the class.

  • 3.4 Presentations - structure

    In this Unit students will practise giving mini-presentations and will learn what structure a successful presentation should have. See the above Slido activity in 3.2. 

    Page 43/exercise 9-10 - group work - competition - students will choose the best presentation via the presentation form and voting.

  • 3.5 Writing - a product description

    • Students will read an article on new trends of a product personalization.

  • 3.6 Case study - Big Jack´s Pizza

    This section may have two parts. One is a case study in the student´s book directed at a promotion, new ideas and logo of a relatively well established brand of Pizza restaurant. Students use their creativity and new vocab.

    The second part is a role play Changing names where students are given various roles in the management of a company and decide about changing a name of  product. 

    • In this activity, students will try to roleplay various positions in the management board and make decisions on the product name. Various factors must be taken into account. The outcome is a short report for the Board od Directors. It consists of Introductory part, Main part (role-plaing, speaking) and a final part with vocab, writing a report and a feedback.

    • Here, students will find role play cards.

    • Here, students can find vocab and a feedback. 

  • 4.1 Careers - career choices

    In this Unit, students will discuss their own ideas on career choice, will consider pluses and minuses of individual opinion. 

    They will also listen to a career specialist on page 48 and will do exercises 3 and 4 for more detailed inderstanding.

    Finally, their homework will be to read an article on page 49 and learn how to sum up bigger text in only several sentences. See exe. 7

  • 4.2 Careers, personal skills and qualities

    Class activity:

    1 Feedback on the article page 49, summaries - group/pair work

    2 Unit 4.2  - Pair work . discussion on the company benefits

    3 verbs connected with career and employment - possible quiz or guessing game activity on the board

    4 Collocations (page 51)

    5 Homework - students will fill in the rest of the exercises not done in the class/will prepare their CV 

  • 4.3 Grammar - present tenses - review

    Students will revise present tenses (present simple, present perfect, present continous) using various speaking activities such as Bluffing game on page 52/1, 2.

    As homework, they will study further exercises from the book - 128 - 129 - further class feedback

    Job interviews are also an ideal practising of these tenses. Students will exchange their CVs and ask each other job interview questions relevant to their CVs.

  • 4.4 Job interviews

    Students will practise asking and answering various interview questions, more challenging or simple. They will also share their own experience with job interviews (most of them already work). They will learn vocab connected with career, employment and personal  characteristics (rapport, cope with, strengths and weaknesses)

    Pages 54 - 55 will be covered, either in the class or as a part of homework.

    Role play will be done, exe.6/55 plus extra activities given by a particular teacher

  • 4.5 Writing a CV

    Students will write their own CV based on a real authentic job ad in English. They will also learn how to write a cover letter/email accompanying the CV.

    • Here you are asked to write your CV and a cover letter. This is how you will proceed:

      1 CV First, find an authentic job advertisement in English (no Czech) and study it carefully...their needs, requirements your skills etc...then, put together your CV according to the requirements of a potential employer, use power verbs from WEEK 2 elearning and try to be professional. Use a CV template, if you want to.

      COVER LETTER - it is a letter accompanying your CV clarifying some details about yourself and explaining why you are the most suitable candidate for the job. The structure and an example of a cover letter are part of the WEEK 3.

      EXTRA INFO: if you want, you can imagine yourself 10 years from now and write your CV may be more fun for you.

  • 4.6 Role play - choosing the right candidate

    • Read the background information carefully, also the job advertisement. Go on to the next page and study thoroughly the four applicants for the position of a general manager. Then, as a group, write several interview questions that you would ask the four candidates. After a short discussion, choose one candidate for the position. Write him/her an email of acceptance with an invitation for a personal meeting. Send the email to your classmates within the classroom. Wait for the response.