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  • Introduction and course overview


    The aim of the course is to introduce students to the study of British culture. They gain a general chronological overview of historical and cultural periods and familiarize themselves with a selection of schools of thought and art, as well as with some of the most important works of art of each period, always in the context of general European trends. 


    Lectures: The content of the lectures is split into two forms. Compulsory reading from a textbook and pre-recorded videos (available on the e-learning server and YouTube) provide an overview of British history and cultural history. Face to face lectures cover the literary history of the British Isles and they directly complement the work which is done in the seminar.

    Seminar: The seminar focuses on a selection of texts from British literature.

    Topics of online lectures:

    Pre-Norman History and Culture 

    Britain in the Middle Ages 

    Renaissance and Humanism

    British Renaissance

    Rationalism and the Enlightenment 

    British Enlightenment: Philosophy, Culture, Life 

    Romanticism and Its British Form 

    Victorian Britain: Life and Culture 

    Modernism and Twentieth Century Schools of Thought 

    Modernism in Britain: Life and Culture before the Second World War 

    Britain in the 50s and 60s: Movements, Changes and their Reflection in British Culture 

    Britain in the 70s and 80s 

    Contemporary Britain: Challenges, Trends and their Cultural Representation 

    Topics of face to face lectures and seminars:

    Old English Literature 

    Middle English Literature 

    Elizabethan Literature 

    Literature of Restoration Period

    Enlightenment Prose and Poetry

    Romantic Prose and Poetry

    19th-Century Novel 

    Irish Culture and Literature


    Prose, poetry, and drama in the 20th century

    Schedule of face to face lectures with dates in the full time program:

    1. February 21 : Old and Middle English

    2. February 28: Renaissance

    3. March 6: Reformation, Restoration period

    4. March 13: Classicism, rise of the novel

    5. March 20: Romanticism I

    6. March 27: Romanticism II

    7. April 4: Realism

    8. April 10: End of 19th/beginning of 20th century

    9. April 17: Modernism

    10. April 24: Irish history and literature

    11. May 15: 20th century poetry and drama

    12. May 22: 20th century fiction

    Note: Part-time students will receive information about their seminar and lecture dates by e-mail or through Google Classroom for their particular group.

  • online lectures (Dr Vernyik)

  • Lecture Tests

    • Otevřeno: pátek, 15. března 2024, 00.00
      Zavřeno: úterý, 30. dubna 2024, 00.00
    • Otevřeno: pondělí, 15. dubna 2024, 00.00
      Zavřeno: pátek, 31. května 2024, 00.00
    • Otevřeno: sobota, 20. května 2023, 00.00
      Zavřeno: sobota, 15. června 2024, 00.00
    • Otevřeno: pondělí, 20. května 2024, 00.00
      Zavřeno: neděle, 16. června 2024, 23.59
  • SEMINAR GROUP Wednesday 8:50 with Anna Světlíková

    Online materials for the seminar are to be found in Google Classroom. Below is the link for the Wednesday group.

  • SEMINAR GROUP Thursday 8:50 with Anna Světlíková

    Online materials for the seminar are to be found in Google Classroom. Below is the link for the Thursday group.


    Part time students can access Google Classroom for their seminar via the link below.

  • lectures Anna Světlíková