TUL members


Some courses may allow guest access

How to log in correctly

1) You are a TUL student or employee with an account in the LIANE network
  • Log in to the e-learning portal with the Login (LIANE) button
  • Enter the username exclusively in the form firstname.lastname
  • Example :
  • If your login fails, first try to log in to another service that also uses LIANE login (for example http://webmail.tul.cz ).
  • If your login still fails, you probably have an invalid password, so you must contact the LIANE administration in building A.
2) You have an external account - you operate outside the TUL structure
  • In this case, your account was set up manually and you received the data directly from the portal administrator.
  • Log in using the form Users outside TUL and click on Log in button.
  • If your login does not work, contact the administrator directly via email correspondence