The course provides an in-depth perspective of the phenomena behind functionalization, an introduction to photon and electron-based techniques that are currently used to assess the functionalization degree achieved in different materials, and finally, we are studying different real cases where functionalization of nanomaterials is exploited to get a useful application. The course is roughly divided into five sections: Thinking back about the functionalization concept and how to get profit from it, the physics behind stable colloids, PLAL; a unique technique for functionalization, reporting results about functionalization in real scientific journals, functionalization in practical cases. The course is designed to familiarize students with the concepts that are conventionally discussed in the research field from a physicochemical perspective and how the field is evolving. Each student is expected to understand most of the material presented in the course and in the assigned readings. Students completing this course should have an in-depth understanding of the functionalization phenomenon and how to present functionalization-related results in real scientific journals.