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  • Introduction

    The course book:

    The Business 2.0 Intermediate B1+ by John Allison and Paul Emmerson (Macmillan Publishing)

    Unit 5 - Making Deals

    Unit 6 - Company and community

  • Making deals - About business, retailing

    This module focuses on the ways in which companies are trying to increase sales in real stone stores by using social media and this reach out to their customers.

  • Making deals - negotiating and retailing - vocabulary

    This section is devoted to social media marketing and e-commerce. 

    The lesson covers the vocabulary from the Business Book pages 64-56. Students will test their vocab knowledge in H5P activity.

  • Grammar - conditionals and recommendations

    This modules focuses on the uses of the first, second and zero conditionals and on the verb patterns with recommend, suggest and advise.

  • Speaking - Negotiations - bargaining

    This module focuses on the language and skills needed for successful negotiating. Students will watch the video featuring example situation to analyze and discuss.

    • Read the worksheet and do all the exercises there. Write your opinion if asked. There are two exercises on writing, so write both. Each should have about 200 words. be professional, use the vocab from the worksheet. If necessary, find the information on the Internet. 

  • Writing a business proposal

    In this module, students will write a business proposal or will evaluate a website and suggest changes etc. 

  • MAKING DEALS - Case study -

    In this module, students negotiate a deal between a company and a buyer to get the best price for a company incentive trip.

    Unit 5 - pages 72-73

  • Unit 6 - Company and community - Corporate social responsibility - CSR vs ESG

    This unit deals with the topic of what is community referred to as CSR. Students will find examples of best practise on the Internet and will present it to the class. The companies should be operating in their region or town.

  • Meetings, ethical behaviour and social performance

    This module presents and practises vocabulary in three areas - meetings, ethical behaviour and social performance and develops the topics of CSR.

  • Grammar - the passive and reported speech

    Practising passive voice: in small groups, students role-play a meeting between angry stakeholders and a company spokesperson. Students take turns. page 78/1

    Reported speech:  remember as much as possible from the spokesperson said (from the exercise 78/1)

  • Speaking - meetings, teamwork

  • Writing - reports and minutes

    Language focus: 

    1 in a report, you can use the following linking words 83/4 

    2 Writing emails

  • COMPANY AND COMMUNITY Case study - role play